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A Digital Creative Company Since 2014

Cho Tot HRM

The Story


Chợ Tốt discussed with us about how to bring company culture spirit into daily operation of members, and enhance operation activities for HR & Operation Department to save more time and minimize the inconvenience of having too much paper work or the limitation of traditional management approach. That is a very exciting and challenging project.



People say that we can’t have fast and quality at the same time. We think it’s true but sometimes there is an exception when we have right management and process approach.

One of the most critical challenge is that we need to deliver this HR management platform in 15+ weeks, from planning to B.A, UX & UI, and development. Everything needs to work smoothly to catch the delivery time.

Quality check and team communication is very important to have effective delivery and it can help to reduce the rework and other arising issues.


Facing with limited time, right prototype becomes more important than ever. We make sure prototype drop will have very precise logic and structure, from there our developers and designers can go after without a gap.


Regarding on this skeleton, all team will make sure all problems are solved and expectation goes the right way.

Visual Design

Our technical approach for this project is progressive Webapp. It’s wonderful for this project to cover all the platforms and devices in 1 go.

Mobile App

Responsive but not just “scale down” the screen. From design as well as development, we aim to focus on mobile experiences and transform it to desktop version later. We want to deliver the best experiences for mobile, making this application easy to use anywhere, anytime with the phone in the pocket.

Thank you!