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A Digital Creative Company Since 2014



Brand Story

Greenbot is a tech startup based in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. Greenbot is working on the IOT & hydroponic technology, deliver wonderful system that create whole new experiences for urban citizen that whom don’t have time and knowledge that can growth the vegetable, herb, herbal in single touch via phone app.

Greenbot need a team who can help to support and play like an internal hand, who need to responsible on the research and develop the application, backend database, integrate with all the hardware, sensor, and connected industrial systems that communicate, coordinate their data analytics & driven, take a move to bring the user experiences become more fun and happy. Increase the effective performance and reduce or eliminate downtime.


The Challenge

Make it work and optimize it best performance. It’s not about making an simple app. It’s about making whole system work from intergrate with cloud sever, app and connection with hardware, equipment.

Countless time we need to work on the prototype. We need to adjust many times to more and more understand the raising unexpected issue that we didn’t aware it at the first hand.

Life is not easy like we think. On the reality ground, we need to solve the many raising issues, there is no perfect scenario for us on ground. The user having various issue with the connectivity, weakness of the wifi data, limited of the sunshine, equipment synchronize, clound data, etc... With patience and teamwork, we light up the darkness tunnel and together deliver the best.

Beside, we need to make sure, we speak the client language, the approach we choose for the design and user experience, interface design must be easy to understand, close to their daily life, we avoid of using the word that too vague or too specific about the tech or biology.


Features & Highlights

Create a first IoT app for personal hydroponic system in HCMC. That’s exciting but also challenging. Our user have no-ideas what is it about. We need to keep it very simple minded as well as making sure our app not create confusion from the UI to the contents.