HCMC Heart Institute was established with the cooperation of the Association of French Alain Carpentier, an official from 1992 and independence financial. After 14 years of operation, HCMC Heart Institute becomes the center of the Institute of Cardiovascular second-largest in the region (after Malaysia) and is where heart ‘specialist training most prestigious Vietnam.

We have a lucky chance to meet and work with Dr. Le Phat Tai and his team in a challenging project. The daily operation in hospital is very busy with many patients coming in and out, especially is his team. Therefor he would love to develop an application to help his team solve out this situation and enhance the working process to make it more effective and reduce the wasted time.


Our intention is creating the experience that help to reduce the wasted time and make the process become more effective, easier to manage regarding on the power digital app. After solid the user working flow and experience, we continue to create the Interface for team. Here is place we need to deep understand the process and operation from doctors and team. Layout and interaction need to smart react with the elements and can suggest the solution and equipment from the library.