In first years of 90th, Nghia Nippers products presented in markets with the name Nghia Saigon. On the way to run up with the market economy, in Sep 2000, Nghia Nippers officially operated under the new engineering company limited with its trading name Kem Nghia or Nghia Nippers. With their well-experienced and highly skillful workers, Nghia Nippers have become the leader on the way of producing and trading special tools used for nail care in Vietnam. Nghia Nippers brand has been winning the confidence of many consumers inside and outside the country.

Today, over 120 distributing and trading agents, Nghia Nippers have held up 80% market share in Vietnam. The average export rate accounts for 30% of total sales. Especially, Nghia Nippers products are penetrating into countries such as America, China, South Korea, Canada, Australia, Thailand, Kampuchea and some of Europe.

Through a very collaborative effort, we helped the Nghia Nipper website redesign and relaunch its web platform with an emphasis on e-commerce and a hybrid blend of user experience and visual design.



Friendly and easy to read via online chanel.





Cutting edge icons style design to help brand more dynamic and catch attention within the digital crowd.